Vote to Change the Strategic Plan

Dear SHANS membership,

With the indication that Legislation may move forward, the SHANS Executive are seeking an on-line vote on #3 of the Strategic Plan (summary displayed below).

We are seeking a vote on varying #3 “Promote Professions” to “Prepare for a Change to a Legislative Body (College)”.

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Executive Summary 2015-16
This plan is a continuation of the 2014-2016 SHANS strategic plan approved by membership and will continue until June 1, 2016. The 3 key strategic priorities are as follows:

  1. Advance Professions (continued from 2014-15)
    Our plan continues to advance the careers of our members through professional development opportunities. We will do this by promoting CE opportunities for members through Facebook, website posts/calendar, and mass emails as well as continue to provide scholarships for CE fees.
  2. Improved Mechanisms for Change (continued from 2014-15)
    SHANS will continue to improve processes as an organization with the anticipated move to a College. We will continue with volunteer recruitment, updated record management, orientation, budgeting, support staffing, and members polling.
  3. Prepare for a Change to a Legislative Body (College).
    Given the movement with Legislation, SHANS would like to provide support and resources to the Legislative Committee and play a greater role as an executive body. We feel this continues to promote our professions by providing support and awareness. SHANS would like to move forward with strategic planning for needs/costs of a College, continue with our mandate to update bylaws, and complete outstanding procedural items and action items.