SLP Article in The Globe and Mail

By: Patricia Cleave | September 2, 2015 |

This article by Oliver Sachgau raises an important issue – the lack of speech-language pathology services for children. Children and adults with communication impairments in Nova Scotia face similar challenges accessing speech and language services. The Speech and Hearing Association of Nova Scotia currently has 229 active members who are Speech-Language Pathologists. The SLPs provide services to children in varied settings including schools, hospitals, preschools, community clinics, and private clinics in all regions throughout Nova Scotia. The research provides good evidence supporting the benefits of early intervention for children’s growth and development outcomes. We welcome the attention this article has brought to the shortage of publicly-funded services for children with communication impairments.

Patricia L. Cleave, PhD, SLP(C)
President, Speech and Hearing Association of Nova Scotia