25% Discount on Hanen e-Seminars for SHANS Members

By: Webmaster | April 3, 2013 |

Communication Update: Continuing Education Opportunities from Hanen

Hanen has agreed to offer a 25% discount towards their e-seminars when SHANS members enter the code SHANSSEMINAR when completing the online registration. For more information about Hanen’s e-Seminars or to register, please click here, or contact Amy Thring at [email protected].

As a small token of their appreciation, Hanen has also included a link to one of their research articles, entitled Parents as Interveners: Does it Really Work?  This piece discusses the research on parent training programs and the benefits of getting parents involved in their child’s therapy.


Starting Early…  Red Flags and Treatment Tips for Toddlers on the Autism Spectrum – This e-Seminar introduces typical development of social communication in infants and toddlers and describes how to use these milestones for social interaction, attention, communication, play skills and responsiveness to identify a child who appears to be at risk for ASD. Using these primary areas of difficulty, appropriate social and communication goals for these toddlers will be identified. Registered with ASHA for 0.2 CEUs.

Tuesday, April 16th 7 PM – 9 PM


Coaching Parents in How to Play – This e-Seminar examines how clinicians can help parents facilitate the play skills of their child with a language delay or disorder. The connections between play and language development at different stages are discussed within the context of providing effective play-based language intervention. Registered with ASHA for 0.2 CEUs.

Monday, June 10th 12 PM – 2 PM


Making Book Reading a Time for Interaction and Conversation – This e-Seminar will introduce you to Hanen’s concrete strategies for promoting developmentally appropriate emergent literacy skills during shared book reading. Registered with ASHA for 0.2 CEUs.

Thursday, June 27th            7 PM – 9 PM


Make Words Sparkle for Preschoolers: Bringing Vocabulary to Life During Book Reading and Daily Interactions – With a focus on making vocabulary instruction a natural part of shared book reading and everyday conversations with children, this e-Seminar provides research-based strategies that foster vocabulary learning in children who have a basic vocabulary and speak in sentences. Registered with ASHA for 0.2 CEUs.

Wednesday June 12th 12 PM – 2 PM