Your first visit with an S-LP (Children)

The Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) may assess various communication skills, which could include:

  • Understanding of language (comprehension)
  • Language expression ( vocabulary, grammar, use of gestures)
  • Pronunciation of speech sounds (articulation)
  • Voice and resonance quality
  • Fluency of speech (i.e., any “stuttering” behaviours)
  • Ability to use language appropriately in social interactions
  • Oral motor skills (ability to make the movements of the jaw/lips/tongue/palate needed for speech)
  • Hearing screening

Methods used for assessment may vary with your child’s age, and may include:  asking parents/caregivers or teachers for their observations; observation of and interaction with your child in play or in the classroom; and/or formal, structured testing. The SLP will report her assessment results and recommendations to you. In addition, information may be shared with your child’s doctor, your child’s teacher and/or other professionals, upon your request.